Privacy Terms

How We Protect Your Privacy

This policy tells you how we collect, use, and protect your personal information. By visiting our website (, you are agreeing to this policy as well as the terms of service which are included by this reference. In particular, you consent to our collection and use of your personal information as described in this website privacy policy.

What Kinds of Information We Collect From You

Most of the information that we collect when you visit our website is very non-personal in nature such as what time and date did you visit our site, what type of browser or operating system did you use, what website did you come from before visiting our website and what website do you go to when you leave our website.

It is common practice to use what is called “cookies” on the internet and our website is no different. The main thing this allows us to do is track your session on our website. Cookies may also be used to customize the information that we deliver to you. With most internet browsers, you can change your settings to tell you when a website has used a cookie or to deny cookies altogether.

We may collect additional information when you interact with us by email as well. You can always decide to withhold information from us, but please realize that some of our content and services require such information in order to give you access.

Some transactions with us might involve payment for services, consulting, or other products.  We collect information relating to the transaction such as billing address, phone number, credit card or bank information in order to transact with you in a successful manner, giving you access to the appropriate product or service that you desire.

Generally speaking, we try to collect as much information as possible in order to best serve our clients and for business activity.  However, we know that it is not in our best interest to abuse that information by giving it to people who are not supposed to have it.  We will make our best efforts to protect any and all information that we collect to make sure that no one gets that information who is not supposed to have it.  We take pride in being an excellent company who serves our clients in the best manner possible.  That is not done by being haphazard with sensitive information.

How We Use Information

One of the main reasons we collect information is to prevent fraud and to verify that the appropriate users are getting access to the products or services that they should have access to.

Generally speaking, we do not give any information to anyone else for any purpose whatsoever.  There are however, a few exceptions that are pointed out below.

We may, at our sole discretion, give information to law-enforcement agencies when there is a reason to do so.  Primarily, it would be to investigate fraud or if there was any reason that we would be legally obligated to give information to certain authorities.  And let’s honest, we know that government probably has all your information anyway.  Lol.

We may, at our sole discretion, give information out to other entities as part of research or promotional offers, products or services.  However, we never want to abuse our privilege or trust that our clients have put in us.  We are extremely hesitant to do anything with any other vendor or company and only would do something that we believe is in the best interests of our clients.

Nonetheless, we are in business to make a profit and we are always trying new products, services, and techniques to generate revenue with our clients and the information we collect from them.  Again, we know it is in our best interest to use very conservative judgment when deciding to use any information regarding any of our clients for any reason whatsoever and we don’t take that lightly.

Interest-Based Advertising

When you visit our site, there may be advertisements by us, by Google, or by other 3rd parties.  These other companies may collect data from when you visit our site or other sites.  They may use that information to show you advertisements that they think might interest you.

This website does not always control what advertisements you might see from these 3rd party advertisers. In some cases, you may be able to opt out of these types of advertisements. To learn more about the privacy policies of Google and its DoubleClick DART cookies that they use in their interest-based advertising, go to

By using this website without opting out of the abovementioned service means that you understand and agree to permit them to use such methods to offer you internet based advertising.

User Names And Passwords

Most of our website services are protected by private user names and passwords. It is your responsibility to not give that sensitive information to anyone besides yourself.  When leaving our website, you should logout completely.  For further protection, you should also close the browser that you used to access our website before you go to any other place on the internet.

Your Use Of Information And Unsolicited Commercial Email

If for any reason, you are ever able to acquire any information about any other user of our website, you are not allowed to give, sell, rent, share, disclose, or use any of that information without the prior written consent of the other party whose information you have for whatever reason, acquired.

Everyone hates junk emails or spam.  Any information that you may acquire about us or any of our clients, users, or 3rd parties may not be used to send any unsolicited commercial communications included but not limited to emails, direct mail, or phone calls nor may you give to any party who may use it for any commercial purposes as mentioned above.

Your Voluntary Disclosure Of Information To Third Parties Who Are Not Our Suppliers

You may choose to give personal information to 3rd party suppliers and other vendors that may or may not be connected to us.  Use extreme caution when doing so.  You must see what their privacy policies are and what their terms of service policies are before you decide to give any information to them.  We are responsible for 3rd parties or what they do with your information that you give to them.


At times, we used auto-responders to send out emails to our clients and prospects.  In each email, you will always have the option of opting out of that auto-responder message or list.  I highly urge you to not remove yourself as this is the primary way that we interact with our clients.  However, if any time you decide to opt out for any reason whatsoever, there will be a convenient link to do so in each and every email that we send out through our auto-responders.

If you receive a personal email that is not from our auto-responders, there will most likely not be an unsubscribe link or opt out link.  That is because it is a one-time email that is probably coming from a person, not an auto-responder.

Policy Changes

At our sole discretion, we may change the terms of this policy from time to time.  If any changes are made, we will notify everyone by posting an announcement on our main page stating that changes have been made with the link to see what those changes are. If for any reason you disagree with or want to discuss the changes that have been made, please contact us through any means available to you, and any changes made to this policy will not apply to information we have collected from you prior to making the changes.

If you are concerned about your information privacy and what our current policies are, you should come back to this page every time you visit the site to see if any changes have been made.  We will post the date of last revision so that you can see when the last time any changes have been made.

Questions or Concerns

Any questions or concerns about this website privacy policy should be brought to our attention by sending an email to support ~at~ and providing us with information relating to your concern.

You may also mail your concerns to us in writing at the following address:

The Intentional Group, Inc.
PO Box 3765
Clovis, CA 93613
United States

California Privacy Rights

If you are a California resident and our client, Cal. Civ. Code § 1798.83 permits you to request certain information about our disclosure of personal information to third parties for their direct marketing purposes. To request this information, please send a written request to us at the following address:

The Intentional Group, Inc.
PO Box 3765
Clovis, CA 93613
United States

Last revised November 7, 2013