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What is a tax deed?
A tax deed is what the purchaser receives from the government agency who auctions off the property in order to collect unpaid property taxes.
What is the process for the sale of a tax deed?
Generally speaking, when a property owner does not pay their taxes, their property goes through a state mandated process in order to collect the taxes.  The original tax amount starts to accrue interest, penalties, and fees.  After a certain amount of time, which varies by state, the governing agency is able to do one of two things; sell a tax lien which is placed against the property or sell the actual property itself at public auction and issue a tax deed to the new owner.  Some states have a redemption period where the previous owner can redeem the property (pay the amount due including all applicable interest, fees, and penalties) and get the property back..
Why is this strategy of investing in real estate beneficial?
Throughout our 40 years of experience investing in real estate, we have found that buying tax-defaulted properties has been the most rewarding investment both financially and socially. This strategy works no matter where the current market stands, which means there is low risk. This strategy is also a great way to give back to the community. All of us at one time or another have undergone financial hardship, so we know the struggle well. It’s a chance to give a property and an owner a fresh start.
I’m a Realtor, how is your product useful to me?
Absolutely. If you have the ability to pay their unpaid taxes up front and then get reimbursed when the house sells, then our product would give you access to THOUSANDS of potential clients!
I loved the free videos. How do I access more videos?
Great! Just click on the “Product” tab in the navigation bar. You will be able to purchase our extended training videos there.
I’m ready to purchase. How long do I have to wait until I receive access to the materials?
Once you complete your order, you will receive a confirmation email within 15 minutes that will give you the access information.
Do you have a return policy?
Yes we do! We are so confident that our products will be a blessing to you and your business, that all of our products have an unconditional, 100% money-back guarantee! That’s right, you have ZERO risk. You will have one month to decide if this strategy works for you. If you decide that the money you paid does not equal the value that you are receiving, we will give you your money back!
What happens to my saved information/notes if my account gets suspended, or if I cancel my membership to the database?
Your private information/notes are saved in our database for up to one year. If you wanted access after suspending your account, you would be able to reactivate your account during the one year window. After one year, you information/notes would be removed from our database.
I submitted a ticket to the help desk. Now what?
All tickets will be answered in 24 hours M-F. You should receive a ticket confirmation email within 10 minutes. If this was your first ticket to our system, you will also be sent a username/password so you can track your ticket status.